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The perfect complement for every home
  • No more waiting

    The sight of a flawless, healthy lawn is hard to beat. Leave the cultivating of the lawn to us and lay premium, weed-free turfgrass. Spare your customers the troublesome necessity of raising gras seeds without guarantee of a perfect result.

    Pannon Turfgrass® lets a garden shine in lush green immediately after laying and gives at least a one-year headstart over seeded lawn. Time is valuable. Use turfgrass and your customers can start loving their lawn right away!

  • PANNON TURFGRASS® for your customers

    Every project is unique. No matter which environmental conditions you find in the gardens and parks of your customers, we have the right turfgrass for you. Pannon Turfgrass® is grown on light, sandy and porous fields. This guarantees that it will ideally adapt to your garden ground – there is no barrier in the way. Our special seed mixtures meet the different requirements and are thus particularly suited for the needs of landscape gardeners.

  • Perfect conditions on sandy grounds in the Pannonian climate

    On over 180 ha cultivation area in Hungary, Pannon Turfgrass® is carefully nourished and cherished by our employees for about one and a half year. The areas are regularly mowed, aerated, vacuumed, watered (if required) and provided with all essential nutrients. 

    The Pannonian climate in Hungary, which is perfectly suited for the production of turfgrass, supports the growing  process and, together with the sandy soil and the seeding material, forms the basis of the high quality of our product. 

Benefits of PANNON TURFGRASS convince

Freshest turf directly from the field at any time. We guarantee unchanging top-quality during the whole season.
  • Fine leaves
    Fine leaves
    Take off your shoes and your feet will feel the difference.
  • Adaptive
    Our light growing soil helps our turfgrass to adapt to all kinds of garden grounds.
  • Lush Green Color
    Lush Green Color
    Your customers will be excited about the intensive green color of their new grass.
  • Strong root formation
    Strong root formation
    Our Poa pratensis grass forms strong rhizoms and quickly roots into the ground.
  • Hard-wearing
    The strong root formation makes the turfgrass extremely resilient and capable of regeneration.
  • Weed-free
    You receive a homogenous, weed-free product.
20-23 kg
1 m²
15 mm
250 cm
40 cm
100x120 cm

Laying is done by hand



No matter when you are coming 

We know, what landscape gardeners need: Freshest turf directly from the field at any time. We guarantee unchanging top-quality during the whole season. Our flexible business structure and the opportune location of our business make it possible to react quickly to short-term orders as well. In addition to self-collection from our premises, our turf can also be delivered. 

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